Within Sigil, Factions refer to the fifteen groups that run the city, each based around a philosophy.

Note: All benefits are conveyed at next level up after acquiring the necessary rank. If an individual already has a feat he or she would be granted, they may retrain their version of the feat for a new one. If they already have a power they would be granted, they get two uses of the power.

The AtharEdit

Nickname(s): The Lost, The Defiers

Headquarters: The Shattered Temple

Factol: Terrance (male prime human cleric of the Greater Unknown)

Home Plane: The Astral Sea

Role within Sigil: None, though one could argue the Defiers exist to provide a counterbalance to the overwhelming belief in the powers and their divine natures.

Main Philosophy: The powers lack divinity, and the only difference between deities and others are that deities are especially powerful.

Real-world Corollary: Atheists, agnostics and deists

Philosophical Allies:

Believers of the Source - Both factions agree that the powers lack a truly divine nature in its strictest sense, though the Defiers believe it is completely absent while the Godsmen see it as something attainable through the rigors of existence.

Philosophical Enemies:

The Fated - The Takers believe that, essentially, might makes right. As the powers are exceedingly powerful, if they claim they have an innately divine nature, then that is the truth.

The Harmonium - The Hardhats use religion as a way to create conformity, and the Defiers' belief that powers lack an innately divine nature disrupts that goal.

The Mercykillers - If the powers are frauds, they would represent beings deserving of punishment far beyond the reach of the Red Death, an unacceptable situation.

Requirements to Join: Becoming a Namer is easy (just asking suffices), but it provides no benefits except occasional work and minor protection. Becoming a factotum (Athar call them "athaons") requires obtaining three items imbued with the magic of a fraudulent god (hint: the Athar see ALL gods as fraudulent) and complete a ritual that involves destroying the items. Becoming a factor requires winning a significant victory over a power, and being eligible to be a factol requires defiling an active chapel or temple.

Benefits for Joining: All athaons receive the following: Immortal Curse (power), Skill Focus: Religion (feat). Factors are obscured from arcane and divine methods of observation performed by priests, divine servants or even the powers themselves.

Believers of the SourceEdit

Nickname(s): The Godsmen

Headquarters: The Great Foundry

Factol: Ambar Vergrove (male planar half-elf ranger)

Home Plane: The Ethereal Plane

Role within Sigil: They are the main forge for everyday goods, such as utensils and nails.

Main Philosophy: Life is a test, and each individual can ascend to godhood. Life is a forge that constantly refines each individual.

Real-world Corollary: Many parallels to Hinduism and Buddhism, though the ultimate goal is apotheosis, rather than Nirvana.

Philosophical Allies:

The Athar - Both factions are aligned in their distaste for the powers' claims of an innately divine nature, though the Godsmen focus on the idea that this nature is not innate but can be attained.

Free League - Both factions focus on independence and individualism, though the Godsmen focus on it as a means to an end while the Indeps sees it as a meaningful end.

Sign of One - The Signers' belief that each individual is the center of their own reality aligns with the Godsmen belief that any individual can ascend to godhood, in the sense that both factions focus on the individual.

Philosophical Enemies:

The Bleak Cabal - The essential hopefulness of the Godsmen clashes with the Bleakers' stance that life is essentially meaningless.

The Dustmen - Between the Godsmen belief in reincarnation and the Godsmen belief that life is necessary as a means of perfecting an individual, these two factions are diametrically opposed to one another.

The Harmonium - The Godsmen's focus on individuality and individual advancement disrupts the Hardhats' belief that everyone should conform.

Requirements to Join: As a Namer, you are expected to work in The Great Foundry. After working there, you work on getting sponsored by a more experienced member. The chosen sponsor decides when their pupil is ready for examination to become a factotum. This examination is meant to challenge the individual, but perfection is not the goal; flexibility is more important. A similar test in Ambar's Palace is how a factotum becomes a factor.

Benefits for Joining: All members get the same benefits: Skill Focus (Diplomacy) (feat) and Resilient Focus (Feat).

The Bleak CabalEdit

Nickname(s): The Bleakers, The Madmen

Headquarters: The Gatehouse

Factol: Lhar (male planar half-orc fighter)

Home Plane: Pandemonium

Role within Sigil: The Bleakers tend to provide mental health care for people in the city, and also take on many other charitable works and ventures (such as soup kitchens, homeless shelters and the like).

Main Philosophy: No belief system has merit; the law is made of physical laws, but lacks any metaphysical or philosophical laws. Therefore, all meaning must come from within, rather than without.

Real-world Corollary: Existentialists and Nihilists

Philosophical Allies:

The Doomguard - Both factions believe this world to be bleak and without meaning, though the Bleakers merely see that as reality, while the Sinkers seek to speed it along.

The Dustmen - Both factions see life as lacking any greater meaning or purpose, though the Bleakers take that to mean each person must determine meaning in their lives for themselves. The Dead prefer to see life as a mere way station before achieving True Death.

The Xaositects - These factions agree life lacks greater laws besides physical ones, though the Bleakers turn their beliefs inward and focus on finding meaning within the meaninglessness, while the Chaosmen believe that in the blind chaos, the greatest truths may be revealed.

Philosophical Enemies:

Believers of the Source - The Bleakers refusal to believe in any metaphysical or philosophical law, or existence beyond the one they see, contradicts greatly with many of the Godsmen's most basic beliefs, especially reincarnation and apotheosis.

The Fated - Less philosophical than based on how they have chosen to execute their chosen philosophies, the Takers have no respect for the Bleakers' charitable ventures and sees them as actively harmful, believing that charity does nothing except encourage weakness.

The Transcendent Order - The Ciphers believe that one can, through rigorous training, enter a state of being that allows them to 'transcend' their existence and tap directly into the 'cadence of the planes.' The Bleakers don't believe in any greater consciousness, and regard the Ciphers' activities as a complete waste of time.

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The DoomguardEdit

Nickname(s): The Sinkers

Headquarters: The Armory

Factol: Pentar (female planar human ranger)

Home Plane: Plane of Vacuum, Plane of Salt, Plane of Dust, Plane of Ash

Role within Sigil: The Sinkers are the weapon dealers within Sigil. No one else may deal in weapons without their approval (generally speaking, they are fairly lax about allowing stores to deal in personal arms and low-level magical weapons, and much more restrictive in terms of bulk and high-level magical weapons [+4 or greater]).

Main Philosophy: Entropy is not only a force to respected, it is a force that needs to be nurtured. They believe multiverse will eventually be destroyed, paving the way for a perfect world, and it is their duty to not only see this transition through but speed it up by any means necessary.

Real-world Corollary: The closest would be militants who load up on weapons in preparation for the end times.

Philosophical Allies:

The Bleak Cabal - The Bleakers, even though they don't agree that a new world will be formed afterwards, are at least sympathetic to the Sinker belief that the universe is decaying.

The Dustmen - Both groups are seeking death, and while the Dead are too stoic and apathetic for the Sinkers, the two groups often find their goals coinciding.

The Xaositects - "Entropy" is a fancy word for chaos, and the Chaosmen like to trail in the wake of the Sinkers and examine the newly-formed chaos. The Sinkers don't mind, as this means the Chaosmen are often willing to aid the Sinkers when needed.

Philosophical Enemies:

The Believers of the Source - The Godsmen believe that life perfects the individual, in essence, that the world is not decaying, but improving. The Sinkers don't understand or agree, as they see signs of decay everywhere they go.

The Harmonium - The Hardhats believe in law and order. The Sinkers believe in chaos and destruction. Also, the Hardhats took the Sinkers' old job as police force of Sigil, and the two groups fought a long and violent war over the insult, and the wounds have never healed.

Society of Sensation - The Sensates try to enjoy life, while the Sinkers often exude grim determination. The Sinkers view the Sensates as decadent hedonists more interested in enjoying themselves than improving the world, while the Sinkers are in the trenches actively working to improve the multiverse (by destroying it, speeding along its eventual rebirth).

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The DustmenEdit

Nickname(s): The Dead

Headquarters: The Mortuary

Factol: Skall (Male venerable human lich wizard)

Home Plane: Negative Energy Plane

Role within Sigil: The Dead inter and cremate the dead of Sigil.

Main Philosophy: Life and death are false states of existence; the goal of life should be to achieve True Death through denial of physical and emotional desire.

Real-world Corollary: Death-geared acosmism (denying the reality of the universe), stoicism and Buddhism ("True Death" is conceptually similar to "Nirvana," in that both are different states of existence achieved through the denial of desire.

Philosophical Allies:

The Bleak Cabal - Even if the two factions disagree on the metaphysical truth of the multiverse, their tendency towards despair and melancholy, along with their often-aligned goals, makes them strong allies.

The Doomguard - Both factions want to bring about the end of the multiverse, and they just don't discuss that the Sinkers see that as a step and the Dead see it as a goal.

Philosophical Enemies:

The Believers of the Source - The Godsmen revel in desire, emotion and improving themselves through life. The Dead...don't.

The Society of Sensation - The Sensates want to experience everything, which requires a tremendous amount of desire. Include the fact that your average Sensate is an extreme extrovert and the average Dead is an extreme introvert, and you have two factions completely opposed to one another.

The Transcendent Order - These two factions are almost too close to be anything but enemies, as the difference are significant. While both factions strive for a form of enlightened state of being, the Dead believe this state is only attainable through denial and death, while the Ciphers believe it is attainable through training and living.

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